Krishna Shah, a visionary Advocate and accomplished Inter CA professional, stands as the driving force behind our organization. With a unique blend of legal acumen and financial expertise, he has redefined the landscape of strategic business solutions.

As the founder, Krishna's unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate intricate legal and financial terrains have been pivotal in shaping our company's trajectory.

His innovative approach and dedication to delivering impeccable results have earned him a prominent reputation in both legal and financial circles.

Under his guidance, our organization thrives as a testament to his remarkable leadership and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Krishna Shah has pursued degree of Inter CA, Bachelor of Law (LLB), DTP, M.Com and B.Com.


With a solid foundation as a Chartered Accountant, Dhruvil embarked on a journey to redefine financial excellence.

His leadership and expertise have been pivotal in shaping the company's success, as he continues to drive innovation and guide clients towards their financial goals.

Discover the driving force behind Shree Giriraj Consultancy LLP's achievements through the lens of Dhruvil Shah's unparalleled dedication and strategic acumen.

Dhruvil Shah has pursued degree of CA and M.Com.

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